Monday, November 13, 2017

Applebees Teens Bday Celeb

APPLEBees Restaurant
Sheik Zayed Rd, Dubai, UAE
08 November 2017
Sketch No.142

Today is my daughter & son birthday celebration dinner.
My family started their food but me...I started my sketching.
Doctor said...avoid eating red meat!

I finished my sketch, halfway of our dinner. Yes, I did taste the beef but I ate the pasta.
Using tombow brush pen and winsor & newton watercolor.


Tea N Talk @ Filli Shop
Burjuman Center
Dubai, UAE
12 November 2017
Sketch No. 147

My friend invite me to try Filli Tea and good thing we got a good seat (almost outside of shop but in the middle of it) a perfect location for my sketching.

I started to sketch on a A4 Envelope (my Unicare Stress Test Result)  using tombow brush pen and watercolor it at home using nevskaya palitra.

By the way the Saffron Tea is good.


URBAN SKETCHING Workshop with Shanqoo
Urban Sketchers Dubai
ARSERKAL Avenue, Al Quoz
Dubia, UAE
11 November 2017
Sketch No. 145

Today is Urban Sketchers Global 10th Year Anniversary and today also is 24 Hrs.Global Sketchwalk and as our participation Urban Sketchers Dubai giving a sketching workshop for free at Arserkal Avenue by Mr. Shanqoo.

My ink sketch was started at 6 pm and I finished at 630pm and asked Shanqoo to sign & stamped my sketch. I left the workshop at around 7pm. Watercolor rendering was done at my house.

I used tombow brushpen, winsor & newton watercolor on 300 gsm watercolor paper.

IKEA Breakfast

DFC Dubai
10 November 2017
Sketch No. 143

Usual Friday scene at Ikea Dubai, eating, talking, loving, sharing, giggling, laughing and me...SKETCHING!

Afternoon Dream

Dubai, UAE
04 November 2017
Sketch No. 138

This is weird, I dreamt about my old friends from high school. Night scene they just showed up on a van without a driver seat. Inside the van are my friends Richie (who died recently), Jaime Popoy Nicolas and outside Andy Villanueva, Ding Evangelista, Bubut Buenviaje, Amy Perez, Floriza Nepomuceno and Winnie Inocencio. They are just saying hi to me.

Another scene, inside filthy toilet and i'm changing my clothes and when I realized how dirty the toilet I went out and saw Ding & Andy and all of my friends (the one I drew).

Another scene when Bubut teach me and try to massage my back but I told her..."no, i'm fine".
I walk on a vacant lot beside the firewall and and turn around & I saw again my friends on the van.

When I woke up, I immediately get a paper & sketch my friends quickly.