Wednesday, July 11, 2018

RUNmadan Abu Dhabi

RUNmadan Epic 6
Abu Dhabi, UAE
08 June 2018

Our running group having annual run at Abu Dhabi during RUNmadan Challenge Epic 6.

This is an Annual Event during the holy month of Ramadan, and part of the event is to run and visit mosques in Abu Dhabi (capital city of United Arab Emirates). Here we stayed at Murjan Asfar Hotel for 1 night & visit the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque on the next day.

During the stay at the hotel, we are gathered together for knowing each of us in front of beer & other liquor. But this time not only Filipinos but also Indian friends join us...this is memorable for the group.

Instead of taking a photo, I took my folded paper & start to draw this scene. I leave faces blank intentionally for them to put their own faces, but unfortunately...they are already drunk to this task.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Let's get CRABBIN'!!!

Let's get CRABBIN'..! at Mr. Crab Restaurant
Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE
03 April 2018
Sketch No.214/365

Yes...but before diving into our family dinner , I started to have a very loose sketch.
My family started eating while I'm still sketching. I used tombow brushpen and
schimincke watercolor on an ordinary paper.

By the way...We ordered Blue-Crab-O-Nanza - dinner for four...consist of blue crab, shrimps, mussels, corn on the cob & baby potataoes mixed with homemade cajun sauce plus unlimited lemon tea and white rice for 189 dirhams.

The food is so good and yummy as well as the service.
You can visit Mr. Crab at Al Barsha road opposite Mall of the Emirates and besides Mr. Baker.
For delivery call 800-672-722 or visit their site at
With wife Annie and daughters Bea and Sofia.


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sofia Jewellery Shop Sketch No.203 / 365

I did this quick sketch as a reference for 3D model. This is an old school approach in designing interior or exterior project.

Nowadays, most of the young designers designs not on paper but on their computer using softwares and applications. I don't know how they think and design using 3D model and downloading different 3D components and put all together which results most of the time a mixed architectural character and elements.

BU QTAIR Restaurant Sketch no. 205/365

BU QTAIR Restaurant
Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
29 March 2018

The sketch was done during waiting time of our food to serve.

Since eating here at famous restaurant for fried fresh fish & shrimp is always taking time for serving their food (not the service is slow...but b'coz of flock of customers). I find time to take my sketching pad & pen to sketch.

I included the lady as she was sitting like a model infront of me while i am sketching ( she's malaysian coz of her accent).

By the way..Bu Qtair Restaurant serves a sumptous hamour or sherie fried fish and spicy shrimps.A dinner for five will cost you around 250 Dirhams (1kl of fish, half kilo of shrimps, rice, pepsi and a tea). Restaurant opens xat 10am until 12mn.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

After Dinner

Hot coffee on red cup
Green water jug
White mug for water
Black coffee table

Sketch 02/365

Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year 2018

New Year 2018 Coffee Date with family
Treej Cafe, La Mer, Dubai
01 Jan. 2018

Sketch No.01/365
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