Monday, October 16, 2017


COMPACT Water Color
15 October 2017
Sketch No. 124

I am bored.
I sketched my compact water color and color it!

Note: Just sketch when bored

Costa Peppermint case + Winsor & Newton Water Color.

Apple Flakes

Site Office, Jewel of the Creek
Dubai, UAE 15 Oct 2017
Sketch No. 125

Amazed on how I piled up my apples flakes.
I quickly grab my folded sketch paper & compact water color then started to sketch
and ate my flakes after.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

TRI Seminar

FRU Triathlon Seminar
Le Meridien, Dubai, UAE
28 August 2017
Sketch No.109 (Visual Note taking)

Youth for Christ

St. Mary's Catholic Church Dubai
Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE
26 Aug. 2017
Sketch No. 108 (Visual Note taking)

"Yes, I did this sketch during live parents orientation, and yes...right now...I almost done" this
 was my reply to one of facilitator Sister Madz. And she quickly took a snap & requested to borrow my sketch to show to her colleagues.

And one of her friends shouted..."hmmm I know this guy he drew's Fullcircle!".Well that guy is my close friend Bro. Allen who knows me well.

This event was organized by CFC Couples for Christ Dubai for our children who went for youth camp. And after Parents Orientation given by Bro. Edward Yuson we attended our children's...some kind of graduation rites (you know that stuffs...singing, dancing and afterwards crying...).

I'm happy that day as I chat again to my old friends like Rocky & Pia Parroco, Allen & Del Cabugon and others ( Sorry...I can't remember their names).

I gave the original sketch to Bro. Edward Yuson as a gift.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lubricant Specialists

Emarat Petrol Station
Al Safa 2, Dubai, UAE
07 October 2017

Normally, when my car changed oil I will go straight to adjacent burger store and stayed there until the service finish. But this tiny watercolor and folded sketch paper was on my pocket and I didn't waste time...I started to sketch this 2 specialists Mani & Dileep. And when they finish my car change oil, their sketch also done with color.

I approached them and show their sketch...they are very  happy and took a photo of my sketch and sent to their friends.

I asked if it is Ok to take a photo of them while they are holding the sketch...they didn't say a word, took the sketch and pose.

I used winsor & newton watercolor, tombow brush pen and daler rowney 300gsm. watercolor paper.

Note that I started to write arabic word ( I just finished basic arabic at FI Filipino Institute link here) as sub-title.😃😃😃

Apple Everyday

"APPLE EVERYDAY makes doctor away"
My Kitchen, Dubai, UAE
07 October 2017
Sketch No.122

This is the result of my previous chemical diet plan (link here).
Yes, I did,I loose 7kg in 1 month.
Why 7kg. only? I cheat the plan.😀😀😀
Anyways that was 2 months ago and I am maintaining a balance daily diet.

I did this quick sketch this morning while preparing my family breakfast.
Using winsor & newton watercolor, tombow pen & daler rowney 300 gsm. watercolor paper.
Added text on sketch at office.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sleep Over

Novotel Hotel Deira,
Dubai, UAE
Sketch No. 106

My wife still in bed.
Grab my pen & paper and finish my sketch with color.

Deira City Center

Dubai, UAE
28 September 2017
Sketch No. 105

Standing beside the column while I'm doing quick sketch.
I am waiting for my wife and daughter from shopping.

Deira City Center (link here)


Al Safa 2, Dubai, UAE
22 July 2017
Sketch No. 104

My daughter Sofia after our malling.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Muscat International Airport
Muscat, Oman
May 31 and June 8, 2017

Sketches below are my observations on people during my waiting time at Gate 1, Muscat International Airport.

May 31, 2017

Omani Lady busy on cashier counter doing her job, while on far behind the store 3 Indians are confused which way going to their respective flights.

At GATE 17 - people are busy looking, reading their smart phone while waiting for bus boarding, in Muscat airport no direct from tarmac...all passengers are bus boarding to airplane.

June 8, 2017
I rendered blue watercolor background my sketch as the people around me are very cool, quiet and just waiting to board on plane but on the far right...sketch was done inside the bus & Dubai metro (gold cabin) yellow background as this scene are very confused & jealous.